How stone sinks are made?


Have you ever wondered how we make all these unique Stone Sinks and Stone bathtubs? In this article we will try to give you a little insight into the process of creating a natural stone washbasin from start to finish.

How stone sinks are made?

The natural stone sinks that we produce are made in Indonesia, in Java Island. We begin by having a trip to the river where basalt boulders can be procured. These boulders are formed over thousands of years, thanks to the river flow. Many of them are underwater, piled on top of one another, so it is quite hard to predict an exact shape and colour of each boulder. However, we think that is what makes our and Stone Tubs so unique. We just use what nature gives us.

After we find the right boulder, it is time to bring it to the factory, and prepare the further process.
First, each rock is cut in half and checked in terms of quality for the first time (our Quality Control process has multiple stages!). If something is wrong, the boulder is used for different purpose. Usually everything is alright and we carry on with carving and achieving appropriate shape. In case of River Stone sink it is mostly done manually, but in terms of River Stone Bathtub we of course require assistance of the machinery. Nevertheless, wherever we can, we prefer to use human hand for maximum precision, especially when giving final touches to our rock bathtubs and rock sinks.

See the catalogue of our beautiful stone sinks:

A River Stone Bathtub is probably one of the toughest bathtub on the planet thanks to the pressure it withstand over millions of years. It is extremely difficult to break or damage, therefore, it results in a bathroom accessory that is timeless. Customers all over the world appreciate the rock tubs for their amazing qualities and natural look.
Lux4home™ as a producer makes dozenes of these bathtubs every year. Our work is appreciated by interior designers and architects worldwide on their international projects. All the way from Hawaii, through inland States, Atlantic ocean archipelagos, mediterranean Europe up to exotic resorts in Asia. Our products are well recognized no matter of the world region.

Unique stone sinks are made exclusively by Lux4home™

Hope you have learned something new today!
Making natural stone sinks and bathtubs is a tricky and multi-staged process, but the outcome is definitely worth the effort.


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