Food mixers

Food mixers are professional gastronomic machines that have been used for many years in places such as butcher shops or gastronomic premises. What are these devices for? Read the article and learn the most important things about mixers.

Food mixers – what are they for?

Food mixers are specialized machines that are used in meat processing plants, as well as in gastronomic establishments that produce cold meats or canned food. They are intended for mixing meat stuffing, sauces and other liquid products.

There are also models of food mixers on the market, which are designed not only for mixing meat, but also products such as e.g. cheeses, salads, vegetables and even cakes.

Stuffing mixing – work automation thanks to food mixers

A professional food mixer is recommended for use in butcher shops, meat processing plants, and wherever large amounts of meat are produced every day. The mixer is primarily a solution that affects automation, which significantly improves the operation of the entire line and allows you to maintain continuity of production. Mixing stuffing becomes not only faster, but also easier. A spacious tank allows you to prepare a sauce of the right consistency in a short time. This solution is much more efficient than mixing stuffing by hand, which requires effort and tires your hands after a while.

Food mixers for butchers – the material matters

A food mixer intended for professional use must be very efficient, as well as adapted to continuous and long work every day. Therefore, when choosing this type of equipment for a butcher’s shop, you should pay attention primarily to the material from which the machine is made. Food mixers made of durable stainless steel, thanks to which individual components are resistant to wear and mechanical damage, have been a proven solution for years. Moreover, this material is also safe for contact with food.

However, the material is not everything – the quality of the mixers is also determined by parameters such as work efficiency (calculated in kg/h), capacity and engine power.

Top quality mixers – ERY Food Machinery offer

If you want to have a guarantee that the mixer will serve you for many years, it is worth buying from reliable suppliers. ERY Food Machinery is a place where you will find reliable, efficient and very capacious food mixers, which come from renowned producers such as Dadaux, Karl Schnell, Talsa or Nowicki. The company’s offer includes both used and new butchering machines, among which you will find not only mixers, but also e.g. bowl choppers, forming machines, food clipping machines, steakers, vacuum tumblers and much more.


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