Local Furniture

Have you ever asked your local furniture stores if they take trade-ins? A few stores will give you a discount if you trade-in the furniture you are replacing, but that is not why we ask. We ask about trade-ins because we want to see what other people got rid of. It is amazing how often beautiful pieces of furniture are in the back room of a furniture store at very low prices.

Another of the ways we save money is by keeping our eyes open online. We check the ads on our favorite furniture stores website every week. You never know when something you really want may go on sale.

Estate sales and auctions are another great way to find great furniture deals. This takes a lot more time and effort than shopping in stores. You can go to dozens of auctions before finding a style you like, but the savings can be huge. Make sure you check furniture very carefully if you go to auctions or estate sales. We have purchased a few pieces, then when we got home found tears in fabrics or broken supports.

Are you not worried about buying locally? We have found some of our best deals on furniture shopping online. There have been times we shopped in stores and found the perfect item, but the price was out of our budget. We checked online for the exact same brand and model and saved hundreds of dollars. We had to wait for the furniture to be shipped to us, but the savings made it worth the wait.

We want to give you a quick word of caution. Saving money is not about going with low quality. We have made the same mistake many of you have, too. We bought furniture from a discount store to save money. In a couple of years the furniture was falling apart killing all of the savings. We now look for quality furniture at the best prices possible.

Furniture deals can be found all around you. The best deals on furniture this year will be found by looking a little harder. Check your local furniture stores. Watch for great furniture deals online. You will discover prices are not set in stone.


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