Polish furniture

Many people in the world are not even aware that they use Polish furniture. Furniture choices that are made in the heart of Europe, however, are very common. They combine modern technology with tradition. This is why they are such good products, and it is worth having them in your home.

History of polish furniture

Polish furniture has a very long tradition. This is one of their greatest advantages. The history of the development of the Polish furniture industry dates back to the 15th century. It was then that the first Polish furniture began to be produced. Krakow, which is the former capital of Poland, is considered to be the cradle of Polish furniture. The first furniture made in Poland was made of wood. The 15th century is, of course, the times of the Middle Ages. During this period, craft workshops were passed down from generation to generation. A few centuries later, the Industrial Revolution took place in Europe. At that time, many inventions were created, and the production was transferred from craftsmen to factories. The Polish furniture industry also benefited from it. Since then, it has been developing very well.

Polish furniture on the global market

Poland is doing very well on the global furniture market. Its products have been appreciated all over the world. Poland is among the top five furniture exporters in the world. Many Poles also set up their companies abroad, for example dakohome.co.uk. It is a Polish family business operating in Great Britain.

What furniture is made in Poland?

In Poland the most popular are wooden furniture. They can be decorative or functional furniture. The choice is up to you. Very popular in Poland are also upholstered furniture. Thanks to them, you can create comfortable lounge sets. Furniture manufactured in Poland also includes garden sets. Among them, you can find rattan and wooden furniture. There are also made many interior accessories. You can find decorations made of wood, rattan, wicker and other materials.

What are Polish furniture characterized by?

Below we will describe some advantages of furniture made in Poland. It will help you to decide, if you want to but them.

Technological solutions

A very important advantage of Polish furniture is the way it is made. Polish furniture manufacturers use very advanced technology. Many innovative solutions have been introduced by Poles themselves. Where does such a high level of development come from in Polish furniture companies? It is mainly related to the fact that the furniture industry has been developing in Poland for 500 years. Thanks to this, it had time to develop a lot.

Competitive prices

Every client want to get the bet product in the lowest price. It is possible thanks to furniture made in Poland. They are much cheaper than furniture made in other countries. It is because Poland has a very good access to raw materials such as wood.


The possibilities gathered over the years allow Polish producers to create a variety of furniture. These are not only products made of wood, but also of other materials. They suit various decorating styles. Some of them are real works of art.

Above, we have exchanged the most important advantages of furniture made in Poland. As you can see Polish companies can give you really great products. Furniture made in Poland are very high quality products. This furniture are beautiful and solid at the same time. You can have them in good prices.

If you are looking for great furniture at a good price, opt for Polish products. You will get high-quality and solid furniture.


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