How to insure a car in GTA 5 online?

Insurance allows GTA Online players to protect their vehicles against loss or damage. When you steal your first car during the tutorial, you’ll get free insurance at the Los Santos customs office. How to insure a car in GTA 5 online?

What to do if an accident or theft occurs?

In the event of a car theft or, say, an explosion, you must file a claim with Mors Mutual. They can be found in the phone’s Contacts section. Give them a ring and they’ll give you a new car that you have to pick up. You will see where it is on the map thanks to the suddenly appearing car marker.

If your car is simply stolen, you can still track it with a map marker, provided it has a tracker in it. However, if you leave the game or the car explodes, you will have to file a counterclaim, as mentioned above.

How to insure a car online in GTA 5? 

You go to any Los Santos Customs and you will find there among the insurance categories – after paying the car is already insured. Insurance never disappears. Contact Mors Mutual Insurance restores the car if it was damaged, and is insured – if someone destroys it for free, if through your fault – you pay the costs depending on the value of the vehicle.

The player can insure his vehicle in Los Santos Customs for a one-time bonus. Premium prices vary depending on the category and value of the car. If the player buys a car from the Internet, insurance will be automatically included in the purchase. 

How to insure a car in GTA 5 online?

Description of changes

  • Before the 1.10 update, the player did not have to pay anything for insurance if he destroyed his personal vehicle, waiting for at least 4 days in the game.
  • Beginning with patch 1.10, if Collector’s Edition vehicles (especially for players who do not have it) are destroyed, they will not be able to recover the Collector’s Edition vehicles after the patch. The same goes for Space Docker because you can’t recover it from later patches.
  • Starting from update 1.16, the player no longer has to pay for insurance if he did not destroy his own vehicle, even if the player who did it did not have enough money to pay for insurance.
  • Starting with title 1.17 update, players with multiple damaged vehicles can “pick up all” on one Morsa phone, without having to make individual calls for each vehicle.
  • Since Update 1.17, if a player’s personal vehicle has been destroyed and he has not removed any other vehicle from the garage and picked up the car, it will say, “Your replacement vehicle can be found in the garage.” This is not true because the car must be picked up a second time because the fault does not pick up the car for the first time.
  • This happens if the player spam XBox A / PS3 Cross after calling.
  • Prior to 1.42, if a hangar player’s personal plane was destroyed by another player, the owner would still have to pay $ 1000 bonus instead of the player who destroyed it (upgraded version only). From now on, planes will not have “NO FEES” if they are destroyed by NPCs, environmental threats or players.



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