Chicken Burger Recipe

How do you make 5 burgers from one chicken fillet? Follow the instructions from chicken coating mix manufacturer Holly Powder and discover ways to make quick, affordable, and delicious chicken dishes perfect for your restaurant. Find out how to cut costs without compromising quality when preparing chicken.

Chicken in a crispy coating

Affordable, loved by all, ideal for serving in various combinations – that’s what breaded chicken is. It goes well with a variety of ingredients. It takes just a few minutes to prepare and is very simple. However, to make sure the breaded chicken steals the hearts of your guests, it needs to be really tasty. How do you do this?

Holly Powder chicken coating mix

The basis of delicious crispy chicken is… chicken coating! The ideal breaded chicken should be juicy and tender on the inside and crispy on the outside. How do you achieve a golden, appetisingly crispy coating that sticks well to the meat and crunches pleasantly when eaten? Use a tried-and-tested, food service-dedicated solution such as a ready-made chicken coating mix.

Coating for chicken – how to use it properly

Holly Powder’s ready-made chicken coating mix is essential for preparing American-style chicken. It gives you the desired result quickly and easily. The manufacturer has prepared a number of tips for their customers so that the breaded chicken is always a success: the chicken is tender and crispy, looks appealing and tastes great.

Holly Powder chicken coating mix

Ready-made coating mix – cut costs, increase quality

The use of Holly Powder chicken coating mix guarantees the high quality of the final product, makes your work easier and reduces costs. In order to coat a chicken in a ready-made coating, all you need is a coating mix with no egg, spices, flour, breadcrumbs or cornflakes! Using the Holly Powder instructions, you can easily prepare up to 36 perfectly breaded strips from 1 kg of chicken fillet.

Chicken – perfect not just for burgers

Breaded chicken sells well as a main dish on its own, but can also be a great addition. Using breaded chicken pieces, you can prepare burgers as well as tortillas, sandwiches, chicken dogs, baguettes and salads.

Chicken burgers – recipe

How do you prepare a delicious chicken burger? All you need is two pieces of breaded chicken, your favourite burger bun, three slices of green cucumber, two slices of tomato, lettuce mix, mayonnaise and ketchup. Toast the bun in the toaster oven. Brush the inside with the sauces. Assemble the sandwich with the above ingredients. The dish is perfect for serving as a takeaway – simply pack it in a burger wrap or just wrap it in parchment paper.

Dishes based on crispy chicken

Preparing other chicken-based dishes is just as easy. Thanks to the fact that chicken goes well with all vegetables ( and even fruits!) and pairs well with different flavours of sauces, you can prepare an unlimited number of different combinations. You can certainly find plenty of inspiration on the Holly Powder website. The manufacturer of the chicken coating mix provides great support to their customers, offering many free resources, including recipes for chicken dishes!

Dishes with breaded chicken – a great option for food trucks and restaurants

You can serve breaded chicken dishes both in fast food and in a restaurant. Breaded chicken is suitable as a snack or lunch dish and also as a main course. It is also a great option for the Kids Menu. So, whether you run a restaurant, a food truck, or a fast food, you can successfully introduce breaded chicken to your menu.


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