How to allow Spotify through firewall?

Spotify is a streaming platform offering access to music and podcasts under a freemium license. The website presents a social approach to listening and discovering new music (friends lists, recommendations, etc.). The free version contains ads broadcast while listening to music and in the application, also does not allow you to listen to music without an Internet connection and listen to using Smart TV. How to allow Spotify through firewall? 

Have you ever encountered this strange error when running Spotify on a Mac? You have opened the Spotify application and tried to log in, but you received the message: “The firewall may be blocking Spotify. Update your firewall to enable Spotify. Additionally, you can try to change the currently used proxy settings (error code: 17)”.

Such mistakes happen, but take it easy – you can easily overcome them! Spotify is a public platform, so you shouldn’t have a problem overcoming difficulties.

How to allow Spotify through firewall?

Why can’t I login to Spotify?

I have yet to find a reliable source for the real cause, but my feeling is: either you are using a different network with a foreign IP address, or you are traveling outside your country. 

Because Spotify has different settings and pricing structures in different countries. For example, Spotify Premium is not available in many countries except the United States and Great Britain. In fact, Spotify (free version) is not available for use in some countries / areas. You can see this full list for more. 

I mean – due to Spotify’s availability, presence and complexity in different countries, you will probably encounter some errors similar to the above, especially if you travel outside your home country. 

Solution: Change the country in the settings 

It took me a long time, and IT WORKS. Here’s how to do it step by step.

  • Log in to Spotify. Click this link and enter your Spotify username and password.
  • Click “Account” in “Profile”.
  • On the “Account Overview” tab, click the black “EDIT PROFILE” button.
  • Change the country to another country you are currently in.
  • Click the green “SAVE PROFILE” button to save the changes.
  • Now close the Spotify application and restart it on your Mac. Boom, it should work now.



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